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Innovation and progress、Win-win cooperation

  Chenzhou and foam plastics co., LTDFounded in2002Years,Factory is located in chenzhou city suxian district the millennium town jinxin high-tech industrial park road。Branch factoryIs located in chenzhou city nanling avenue north mae under bridge51Number。“Chenzhou and foam plastics co., LTD”By the original“Chenzhou city and foam plastics factory”In2012Years8Month16The nikkei chenzhou city industrial and commercial bureau granted change review。  
  Specializing in the production of various shapes、Size specifications of the foam products,There are large flat foam,Rigid foam,Semi-rigid foam,Lightweight foam,...

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Chenzhou and foam plastics co., LTD
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Contact address:Factory address:Chenzhou city of hunan province suxian district w, national mine park museum  Jinxin LuJinShan...
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