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  • Nantong tube wing tai industry co., LTD
  • Nantong tube wing tai industry co., LTD
  • Nantong tube wing tai industry co., LTD
  • Nantong tube wing tai industry co., LTD
      Nantong tube wing tai industry co., LTD., located in the Yangtze river delta on the Banks of the Yangtze river in jiangsu haian industrial park,Is a company specializing in the production of oil drill pipe、Compound drill pipe、Drill collar、Kelly、The casing、The tubing and the like。The company covers an area of320000Square meters,The construction area110766Square meters.....
The company is held ceremoniously2018The annual summary table…  
2Month14Monday morning,The company2018Annual summary commendation and2019In high quality development conference in the big pipe multi-function conference hall on the second floor is held ceremoniously。The company leadership team members to attend the meeting,In the middle…
The company is held ceremoniously2018Annual summary commendation and2019In high quality[ 2019-2-15 ]
Company through the national safety production standardization[ 2018-12-27 ]
The nantong of jiangsu Wen Feng group wing tai LTD company full production with sales[ 2017-6-11 ]
Ordinary drill collar
Non-magnetic drill collar
The overall increase drill pipe
Welding compound pipe
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